Family-Owned and Operated

Pleasant Cove Nursery functions as a grower of landscape and ornamental nursery stock. We grow over 375 plant varieties, and sell our quality nursery stock to landscape contractors, garden centers, re-wholesale distributors, nurseries and governmental organizations. Our customers are located across the United States, but the majority are concentrated east of the Mississippi River.

Our History


John R. Collier and his oldest son, John R. Collier, Jr., founded Pleasant Cove Nursery in the late 1950's. Younger sons—Robert, Frank and David—also joined the company as they each finished school.

The company was incorporated in 1969 and has since grown from a "backyard nursery" to a 20 farm, 500-acre facility, with an additional 25 acres for container production and propagation. Once staffed solely with Collier family members, the farm is now readied with a middle-management team made up of individual areas of expertise—that team directs over 100 employees working during peak seasons.

John R. Collier started Pleasant Cove Nursery with his very understanding wife Elma in the basement of their home. With four sons, they had a ready-made work force that worked for room and Mrs. Collier's hearty home-cooking!
From the original seed planted in 1957 to the expansive growth that's been cultivated these last 50 years, PCN has continuously been focused on refining and improving their techniques and facilities.
PCN works extensively with and supports the Nursery Crop Research Station, Horticulture Research Initiative, and the University or Tennessee Extension Office for the betterment of the nursery industry.
The Collier brothers of PCN have served as leaders of the Tennessee Nursery and Landscape Association, the Southern Nursery Association and the Horticulture Research Initiative.

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